Can I teach my child algebra?

Homeschoolers often wonder if they are capable of teaching algebra or high school geometry to their child. You know, maybe your own knowledge on those areas is a little shaky, so you're not so sure what to do when the time comes.

I'd like to ease your worries:

First of all, maybe you don't have to do all the teaching, after all.
Quite recently, it seems, companies have popped up with products where you see an experienced teacher solving algebra or trig or geometry problems, from start to finish.

You're watching little video clips on your computer but it's like sitting in a classroom, almost. There's and These would work as a supplement to your algebra book.

And there's Math U See of course, a whole curriculum with videos.

And, there exist online animated lessons of great quality, for example our current advertiser

Or, software that solves algebra problems for you.

Then there are lots of online tutoring services, and they can definitely be cheaper than hiring a live tutor.

And, if you are doing alright with teaching, for the most part, but once in a while get stuck with an algebra problem, there are MANY totally free message boards where you can just post your math question.

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment.


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