The many uses of a hundred chart

One day last week we went to Time4Learning with my daughter again and she did an activity where the cartoon character was making jumps on the number line.

She didn't quite get it when the guy in the activity jumped 10 jumps forward or backwards, so the next day we studied "adding 10 more to a number" with the help of a 100-chart.

(Click here to go to a bigger printable version)

I just colored a number on the chart, and then we jumped together 10 jumps forward, on the chart. Then she colored the 'landing' number. After a few of those, she was able to guess where she'd land. We also wrote the corresponding number sentences in her notebook.

Actually I wanted to show the same thing on our abacus, but it's broken right now (needs glued). And, with my 10-bags (I've made those by putting 10 marbles into small bags) - but I couldn't find those since they're put away somewhere so the baby can't get to them. But maybe it was enough for her for the day anyway.

In case you don't know, you can make all sorts of skip-counting charts on my site.
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