Adding spice to geometry studies

... with interactive resources online.

In my mind, geometry is lots of fun. It should involve lots of drawing, of course. But you can go beyond that: with modern technology, geometrical drawings can come 'alive' or dynamic. You can change one part of the picture and observe which things change with it, and which things don't. You can explore the situation, analyze, learn.

The best of it is that you don't even have to buy geometry software since the various math websites already offer so much.

I'd like to highlight today geometry section. This British site contains interactive courses and lessons for a wide range of geometry topics. In fact, the site is just HUGE. And, well-made too.

They offer three very comprehensive courses (totally free):

  • Constructions:
    You will build points, line and circles on-screen just as you would on paper with a ruler and compasses. These constructions are then dynamic - you can move the objects and see the construction change.

  • In Shape , you can get a clear and complete understanding of geometric shapes, their patterns and properties. You will explore, identify, create, recognize, describe... Even a crossword puzzle is included.

  • And, the site also has a whole course on interactive transformations.

Other lessons include

Euclid's elements
Sacred geometry
The hidden world of triangles and circles
Circle only constructions,
An exploration into two circles: geometry & imaginary numbers
Pythagoras' theorem: proofs and problems
Is this a square?: how to decide
The egg project: how to construct Euclidian eggs
Circle theorems: six properties
Geometry in 3 dimensions: solid shapes
The incircle: unexpected properties
Feynman's lost lecture: motion of planets around the sun

I have been very impressed by the content of geometry section ever since I found it. I am sure it can help you, too.

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