Carnival and more

First of all, carnival of homeschooling is online at Principled Discovery.

Organized under a theme of homeschooling journey, it is shock full of good stuff.

Some picks of mine (though, I didn't really have time to read many of the posts, unfortunately):

One homeschooling parent has chosen to focus on music instruction, hoping it will translate to book learning. Well I don't know how it will go, but I do believe music is powerful, and learning music will help a child's brain grow and develop. (I myself studied piano for 13 years of my life). There are scientific studies that show how music instruction can greatly improve other academic areas.

Also from the carnival: Thinking Blocks has an interactive program that helps your child model or visualize word problems. The models use blocks but you could as well call them diagrams. The idea for the program has come from Singapore Math's usage of diagrams.

My entry was Let It Make Sense.

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