Price change ahead...

It just so happens that due to something 'in the works' behind the scenes (to be announced soon!) concerning the Math Mammoth books, I am forced to raise the price on the "blue series" package for 16 ebooks.

I wasn't really planning on it myself, but like I said, it's a situation that cannot be helped, due to something I'm not disclosing as of yet...

This price has always been a tremendous deal. Currently, with the $32, it is a 48% discount as compared to buying the 16 books individually, and $36 on CD.

Now, I will be having the package download for $40, and the CD for $45. This price ($40) is then almost exactly 35% off of the price of buying the ebooks individually.

I have of course been adding a little material to the books even in the last few weeks, and keep doing so, little by little, so its value has increased even in that sense.

The latest calculations are that my 16 books package for $40 delivers you 810 pages of math materials. (That count is NOT including answer keys or copyright pages but just text & problems.)

This price change only applies to the package and CD, and not to any of the individual books. I am not planning to raise the price on those.

So if you are thinking about buying the package for the lower price, please do so before next week.

More info on the BLUE SERIES books

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