Statistics worksheets

After some delay the Statistics Worksheets Collcetion from the Math Mammoth Green Series is now available. It is priced at $4 for 47 worksheets.

The sheets span about five grade levels (from grade 3 to 7); however the majority are for grades 5-7.

In this collection, the worksheets are organized by topic (see table of contents). Within each topic, the difficulty level varies because the sheets have originally been made for different grade levels. Thus the teacher can choose a sheet of right difficulty level, or even assign some students easier sheets and some students more challenging ones, on the same topic.

Math Mammoth Statistics Worksheets Collection covers bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs - both reading and drawing them - data analysis, mean, median, and mode, box-and-whisker plots, stem-and-leaf plots, measures of variation, misleading statistics, data gathering, and a few statistics projects. I hope the problems will fit your needs!


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