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Hi Maria - I am really enjoying your workbooks for the kids - I can't wait to get going on fractions.

I wanted to ask you do you see value in any of the online math practice programs for drill? I saw that HS Buyers Co-op is offering www.mathscore.com - at a discount and we are trying it out on trial - It's just pretty much basic drill for speed and accuracy. I don't want to waste the $$ on it - if that is not really important to math.
Thanks for any feedback.

I've personally visited and even reviewed Mathscore. Mathscore is not just about basic drill on addition or multiplication - they have basic word problems, geometry, etc. as well. It is more like a math practice system for any kind of basic problems.

Kids do need to learn their facts by memory. So "drill" is not bad in itself.

Obviously math instruction should not be only drill. You should just balance it all. Teach concepts, teach why something works, let them practice, and help them master their facts. Drill can be part of that whole package. Just don't rely on it.

For example, if you subscribe to MathScore, you could teach your kids a "normal" math lesson on one day, and the next day let them practice at MathScore. It is a tool, it can be very useful, but it is not essential if they get to do math problems some other way. Just try it out and see if the kids like it, but don't forget basic instruction on concepts.

My review
MathScore - direct link
Info on the discount at Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.


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