Geometry fun with GeoMag

While on vacation, a friend of mine gave my older daughter a set of Geomag. You might already know about it, but it was new for us.

This has proved to be a fantastic learning toy! She's thoroughly enjoying building various shapes.

For example, she made a cube with sides 2 bars long and was proudly explaining to me how to do it: "First do a square, then put legs up from each corner, and then another square."

I made a tetrahedron that also had 2 bars on each side, according to the model. She thought it was neat and built that one several times herself last night.

I can see how the toy can help build geometric insight and beautifully demonstrate the common three-dimensional figures.

We've already ordered another set to accompany the small 42-piece set she got. You can find Geomag kits of various sizes and colors at Amazon.


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