Word problems in Singapore math and bar diagrams

If you're interested in Singapore math's word problems, and how their bar diagrams work, check out this blog entry by Denise at Let's Play Math:

Pre-algebra problem solving: 3rd grade

She goes through a bunch of word problems from Singapore Math 3-A book, and explains both a solution based on algebraic thinking, and a solution with bar diagrams.

It's good reading for all of us who teach, actually.


Dawn said…
Thanks! We've been pproaching word problems but my daughter has been having a problem with the bar models. Once it's in algebraic form she seems to have a much easier time. The only problem is I have an easier time with the bar models myself so I've been hunting down algerbra links trying to find a way to approach this with her. I'll check out the link.
Ramon said…
My son is learning with Singapore Math. As a 5th grader he's having some problems with the bar model approach, so that I tried to help by publishing some examples at our web site:
gforce.terradeleon.comMaybe they can be useful to others. I'm not a teacher and Math Mammoth has been of great help.
christine Chana said…
Sorry Ramon,
But your answer is wrong to the shopping problem on your web site.
Each unit is $10 not $9
Krishna said…
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