Blogging in 2007 and in 2008

Welcome to 2008! Carnival of homeschooling, the 2-year anniversary edition is up at Why Homeschool. Henry notes that during 2007, over 300 bloggers contributed to the carnival. That is quite a bunch! I'm glad, for the hosts' sakes, that not all of them contribute any one time!

Also, they are hosting a contest for the Carnival of Homeschooling graphic.

Also, Sol at Wild About Math has invited math bloggers to find their most popular posts during 2007. Well, I'm kind of a latecomer on this because he wanted the comments before the end of 2007, but I thought maybe you'd enjoy knowing anyway.

Now, I used to have but a measly SiteMeter free version installed, so I frankly don't know which posts were visited the most. (I did install Google Analytics yesterday, instead, so from now on I will know!)

Based on the number of comments, these were among the most popular:

Multiplying in parts and the standard algorithm

So many percent more

Performing well below grade level

The ones I esteem the highest are the ones I have put into my newsletters during 2007. I always use content from my blog for my newsletter.

I've had posts about the four operations, drilling (or not?) the math facts, living math books, manipulatives, percent, integers, multiplying in parts, and balance problems. See the sidebar "tags" to find them, or visit the newsletter archives link above.

This coming year I simply wish to continue writing about topics that can help homeschooling parents in particular, and all math teachers in general.


Anonymous said…
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Julie said…
Hello! I am currently in math education and my theme for the semester in my education class is analyzing data. This would include observing, predicting, sorting, graphing, and reading different kinds of information. I was hoping to find different lesson plans that involve this, but I do not see much from your blog. There is a lot of good information for other concepts in math, but not this one.

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