High school geometry - a review

It's done! Finally! Took me some time to finish this review, perhaps because it involved three products:
  • The book Geometry: A Guided Inquiry. As the name suggests, this book is based on letting students learn about theorems and their proofs in the setting of "guided inquiries" or interesting problems. It is quite unique in its approach.

  • A Home Study Companion which includes solutions and about 300 interactive demonstrations

  • Geometer's Sketchpad - dynamic geometry software.

This review isn't just what you typically find on the web; someone called it an "exquisite in-depth review". It's fairly long... with sample pages and other pictures, examples, and more.

I encourage you to read it even if you don't need a high school geometry book right now... because you'll get valuable insight just HOW GOOD geometry instruction can be, how the book handles proof, or what to think about an axiomatic vs. discovery based geometry text.

Review of Geometry: A Guided Inquiry with Geometer's Sketchpad and Home Study Companion.


Anonymous said…
im using cabri about geometry...

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Anonymous said…
thank u.

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