Teacher appreciation week

I should have posted this earlier but forgot. I even missed one day!

Learning A-Z is having an open house this week; you can access their family of websites for free, one site per day.

The writing site is for today. Vocabulary site is coming up soon, and so is their science site. Lots to explore and download.


Anonymous said…
I was browsing the web looking for
ideas to inspire a math project my son has to do.
He's supposed to use creativity and a posterboard to display a math concept he's learned this year, applied to the real world.
He needs 3-4 pictures, an example of the math problem and a hundred word essay about it.
Seems like the hardest part always comes to what the math problem will look like.
For instance, since he's in 7th grade, his interest is fast cars (or is it since he's a BOY). Anyway, we thought of doing some racey cars and discussion could be around horsepower and/or mileage, but what math concept does that involve?
He's learned a lot about the pie... he keeps saying its a looong number, I dont get it.. but he says he's not talking about a chart.
He's also learned multiplying fractions and decimals and conversions.
It's over my head...
You got any ideas?

Maria Miller said…
Mileage and gas price calculations involve proportions.

Say for example if gas costs $3.20 per gallon, and the car can go 26 miles per gallon, then how much does it cost to travel 100 miles?

Or, how far can you go if you can afford to spend $50?

You'd build a proportion and solve it.

Pi he's referring to is an irrational number that starts out 3.1415..... It's the ratio of any circle's circumference and diameter.

You can use it if you, say, measure the car wheel's diameter, and then you can calculate its circumference, and then figure out how many times the car wheel turns on a trip of 25 miles or whatever.

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