Icosahedron from picnic supplies

This was such a fun video to watch! This guy makes an icosahedron from plastic plates, and then from plastic cups - and one more from just plastic and duct tape.

It can serve as a fun summer math project for kids who love explorations, cutting, gluing, building, and that sort of stuff!

He is hilarious! See the video:

Video from Makezine.com

Read the instructions for the icosahedrons

Find out what is an icosahedron


Alida said…
Hi Maria,

This is great. I love your blog. I've just started to home school my kids and know I'll be coming by often.
Anonymous said…
I love this video!

We did polyhedra constructions with bendable drinking straws in math club, and have had plenty of fun with those. (Scrunch the short end and stick in inside another long end to make a corner; connect the straws to make triangles or squares, and use tape to hold two straws together along an edge.) But they aren't as impressive as what this guy made.


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