Off-Road Algebra

Here's an algebra resource that should interest (at least some) boys: Off-Road Algebra is a unit-study that revolves around the world of off-road motorcycle racing. The lessons fit pre-algebra and algebra, or approximately 9th grade.

For each of the 30 lessons, you view a video, then solve a problem. You'll also get printable explanations and solutions to all problems.

Glancing over the problems, they seem to cover a wide array of topics, such as miles per gallon, velocity, slope of ramps, GPS coordinates, decibels, acceleration, turn angles, lap times, and so on.

Off-Road Algebra

And it's all free (sponsored by and Aha!Math) - so thanks, HotChalk and!


Anonymous said…
This is interesting. Although this is not an interactive program, this is still good because as you pointed out Maria, most boys (and some girls too) will get a kick out of this and will be more interested in learning math this way.

It's always better to show a practical implication of any subject to get kids to learn things. That also encourages them to ask more questions.

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