Origami is the ancient art of paper folding.

Yesterday I was asked by my daughter to make a paper boat (after reading a Curious George book where he made them). Well, that was easy for me because I learned that when I was a child.

Then she asked me to make a paper bird that she saw in the Adventures of Penrose book. I've never even attempted to make one before. The book had "instructions" but those images just looked quite cryptic. So I turned to the Internet. I found several sites that had picture instructions, but they all made me just puzzled; there would always be one step that I couldn't see how they did it.

Then, I found this site: www.origami.org.uk. They had ANIMATED instructions on how to fold a flapping bird! Finally I was able to make one!

Just thought I'd pass this one, in case some of you are interested in the paper folding stuff. It can be pretty fun for the kids.


mathmom said…
Wow, Maria, thanks for posting this!
Maria Miller said…
No problem, I thought someone might enjoy knowing about that site.

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