Math Mammoth Geometry 2

I have just finished writing the material for Math Mammoth Geometry 2 book. The material in it is suitable for grades 6-7. Download price is $5.80.

The main topics in the book include:

* angle relationships
* classifying triangles and quadrilaterals
* angle sum of triangles and quadrilaterals
* congruent transformations, including some in the coordinate grid
* similar figures, including using ratios and proportions
* review of the area of all common polygons
* circumference of a circle (Pi)
* area of a circle
* conversions between units of area (both metric and customary)
* volume and surface area of common solids
* conversions between units of volume (both metric and customary)
* some common compass-and-ruler constructions.

I've included several complete lessons from the book as samples (PDF). Feel free to download these and use with your students!

Angles in Polygons
Review: Area of Polygons, 1
Surface Area

Besides those, there are two other sample pages:

Area and Perimeter Problems
Basic Compass and Ruler Constructions, 1

What is next?


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