Math Mammoth Statistics & Probability

Math Mammoth Statistics & Probability is now available -- and it's the last book I'm intending for the Math Mammoth Blue Series. So the Blue Series is now complete!

Price: $5.30 (download), $10.30 (printed)

This book starts with the easiest topics, such as reading different graphs. These lessons are meant for 5th grade. Some are useful even in earlier grades. Then we study histograms and various kinds of line graphs, including how to draw them.

The next section deals with mean, median, and mode—the three measures of central tendency—how to use them, and how these concepts relate to line and bar graphs.

To create circle graphs, the student needs to calculate percentages, and it is assumed here that the student has already mastered how to calculate those. The lesson on data analysis presents various types of graphs for students to read, and reviews some other percent-related topics.

Then students learn how to make stem-and-leaf plots. Stem-and-leaf plots are simple plots that can be used with 15-100 data items. They are not often seen in media because you cannot use them with large amounts of data.

We study range as a simple measure of variance.

Probability is a topic that in the past was only taught in high school—for example, I personally encountered it the first time in 12th grade. However, in recent years it has “crept” down the grade levels and many states require probability topics even in elementary school.

We start with the concept of simple (classic) probability, and then expand into probability involving two events. This is all that is needful to master at this point (middle school). The exercises involve tree diagrams, dice, flipping coins, picking marbles, spinning spinners, and probability involving statistics, which are the usual types of situations in the study of probability.

See the free sample lessons (PDF) under the cover image on the book's page.


Anonymous said…
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