Decimals videos: tenths, hundredths & thousandths

I have now been able to get back to shooting videos after a long break. These three videos (titled Tenths, Hundredths, and Thousandths) deal with what decimals are (they're fractions!) and in that sense are tied together.

The first video explains about decimal numbers with one decimal digit (tenths) using fractions and a number line. I also include some easy addition problems.

In the second video below, I explain decimals with two decimal digits—or hundredths—using fractions and a number line. Also included an explanation of why you can "tag" or "add" zeros to the end of a decimal and its value does not change.

Lastly, I explain decimals with three decimal digits—or thousandths—using fractions and a number line. Then I show examples of converting fractions to decimals and vice versa.


Rebecca said…
Maria, Yay for more math videos! Also, thank you for including my post on how to do elapsed time problems visually on your page of resources about time. I'm very flattered to be included and glad to spread an idea that might be helpful to others!

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