See me stomp on a rocket (plus a free science resource)

I have something a bit different to share with you today.
Supercharged Science (the science curriculum by Aurora Lipper) is giving away a neat product for free this week.

You can get a free copy here.

It's really good stuff. My daughter and me just looked at it today (Wednesday) afternoon, and we decided to do the first experiment in it (Stomp Rocket). Daddy got excited too, so we got it done in record time.

It was fun! We all stomped on the bottle, and up went the blue rocket, maybe 40-50 feet high. It was just really cool. The girls stomped on it many, many times to make it go. In fact, here are a few pictures...

OK I'm looking at my rocket & launcher and soon ready to stomp:
OK I'm looking at my rocket & launcher and soon ready to stomp

I stomped on it!
I stomped on it! If you can't see this, Turn images on, it's funny!

It went up!
It went up!

Rocket up on the sky:
rocket up on the sky

It's just awesome how Aurora Lipper (the founder of this science program) gives back to the community with her free products, teleclasses, and such. And my readers know how I try to do the same with my math stuff... provide free math worksheets, articles, videos, etc. for everyone to use.

Anyway, be sure to get your free copy of this science education program before the offer goes away. Get it from here:



Sara said…
We will be trying it too. We do e-Science and love it. I also bought your real-life Maths supplements for my dd and we will be starting them soon.

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