Solar panels in a TREE model & Fibonacci numbers

Did you know tree branches and leaves in a plant rotate around the trunk in a pattern based on Fibonacci numbers? That maximises the amount of sunlight that the leaves get, because it minimizes how much the upper level branches or leaves shade the lower ones.

Well, a 13-year old student has now built a "tree model" with solar panels and proven that it collects MORE sunlight than a flat array of solar panels! The article has lots of photos to show his experiments.


Elena said…
Such a great idea! I love your posts.
Adam Levin said…
It’s amazing how well nature has figured out some of the best designs (and that they are mathematical too!)

Is he a homeschool student?
Oh my goodness. That is a big topic for a kid...Fibrowhat? I am homeschooling my kids and I am very impressed by this little article. I had better have my darlings look up that word. Tehe. Good work Mama.
In solar panels there is no any chance of noise while collecting energy. There are no other renewable energy sources that are completely silent.

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