Class Dismissed - a film about homeschooling

I'm just spreading the word on an upcoming film about homeschooling. The movie is called Class Dismissed.

It does sound interesting, though I cannot be  sure what all it will include.
The website says:

Class Dismissed will be the first full-length documentary devoted to exploring homeschooling as a viable alternative to traditional schooling.

As homeschoolers ourselves, we are constantly reminded by the degree to which the public misperceptions of homeschooling are far removed from reality. With this documentary we hope to both educate the general public as well as inspire the existing homeschool community.

Class Dismissed will focus on the topic of education, specifically the validity of homeschooling as an alternative to the industrial school model. Framed within the historical context of traditional schooling, and particularly at a time when education across the nation is in a state of crisis, the film will examine the numerous approaches to home learning, exploring both its history and recent growth. UNQUOTE

Take a look: Class Dismissed.
Also... the filmmakers are having a fund raiser right now — the campaign ends in 22 days.


Home School Dad said…
Hey. I am not a naysayer by any means. But the title itself is already misleading. I homeschool inside a class room. The class room consists of our dining room table, the shelves we use for storage. The desks my children work at and the media components we use.

The idea that people think that all homeschoolers educate without a classroom kind of irks me. Just because a class room has more funtions than just a classroom does not mean it isn't a class room. I hope the movie doesn't make any other unflattering assumptions.

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