Fraction videos, part 2

I have created a set of 11 fraction videos that cover simplifying fractions, multiplying fractions by whole numbers, multiplying fractions by fractions, multiplying mixed numbers, fraction multiplication and area, simplify before multiplying, dividing fractions, ratios, and converting fractions to decimals.

That's a good bunch of fraction arithmetic!

You can use these fraction videos to supplement Math Mammoth Fractions 2 book, or Math Mammoth Grade 5-B complete curriculum. Pre-service or working teachers could use these as lesson plans for fraction topics. Students can of course learn as well, because the videos are meant for both students and teachers.

The other "half" of fraction arithmetic is on this page--9 videos.

These two pages have a total of 20 videos -  over 3 hours of fraction instruction, for free. It would fill a DVD... but I've uploaded them to Youtube for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.


Anonymous said…
You are amazing to share all of this teaching with us! You go beyond with service too. I have so enjoyed your materials with my children. Thank you.

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