Zoowhiz - online learning system

Here's a fairly new learning website for children that is free: ZooWhiz. It lets children practice math, reading, and phonics/vocabulary, and earn points while doing so. Then they can spend their points to buy animals for their zoo, or to unlock arcade games.

It's quite a bit for being free, I think. My girls played it today and enjoyed it a lot, especially the younger one. I was impressed by the quality and how it is offered for free. (They have a "premium" option coming soon where you pay for extra features.)

It says that access time outside school hours is limited but I think it may mean Australian school hours.

The educational activities vary from one to the next; it's sort of like giving them "mixed review." They are organized by age groups and also by levels within the age groups.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for introducing me to ZooWhiz, I have been unable to find anything decent for my children. Now that I've tried it, I'll show it to my kids tonight and they're going to love it!
GraGra said…
Great to see people in the USA using ZooWhiz! We love that you like it - The ZooWhiz team!

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