Geometry lapbook / notebook ideas

My kids have recently fallen in love with lapbooks, and have done several science & history related ones. I got to thinking, there aren't that many MATH lapbooks available... but there IS one math topic that suits lapbooking very well, and that is GEOMETRY.

Now, while I don't actually have a geometry lapbook for you, I found some places where you can get one:

Geometry Lapbook at Homeschool Bin - this seems to be a completely free download (in several parts).

Adventures of  Third Grade Teacher is selling a geometry lapbook for $3.

Then, if you feel a lapbook (a foldable) is too extensive a project, here's a simpler one: a geometry notebook or journal.

This simply means that for each new TERM in the geometry curriculum or chapter, the student explains that term and draws the corresponding figure, using 1-2 blank pages.

In the end, the student will have his/her very own geometry book to keep and show around!

Here's one parent's example of doing a geometry lapbook project (with pictures). I noticed she used Math Mammoth Early Geometry for a text. I feel Geometry 1 book will suit notebooking or journaling even better, as it covers more concepts.


Very creative ideas posted.Kids like these creative classes where they can show their artistic talent rather than mugging chapters.
I love lapbooks too. They are fun for kids. Thanks for sharing.

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