Reel Math Challenge

This is an interesting math competition! Reel Math Challenge is a math competition for 6th to 8th graders where students create and star in their own math videos.

2012-2013 MATHCOUNTS School Handbook
The idea is this: students will use one of 270 problems included in the 2012-2013 MATHCOUNTS School Handbook, and create a video teaching the problem using a real-world application of the math concept on which the selected problem is based.

I've mentioned that book before. It is filled with great problems, and is an excellent problem solving resource for teachers and students alike.

This competition is open to students in public schools and  home-schooled students in the United States. They just have to form teams of 4. You can get all the rules here.

Registration is still open. The videos have to be finished and submitted by February 28, 2013, so hurry!


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