Filling in the gaps with Math Mammoth - testimonial

I just wanted to share this testimonial that Lisa K. sent in a few days ago. I find this situation is fairly common among children who come from public school and start Math Mammoth - they are behind in math, sometimes very much so (many grade levels). Yet, it's not a time to despair, because it IS possible to catch up!

It is often necessary to go back and make sure all the basics are mastered. Then, the child often progresses at a much faster pace, and within a few years they usually attain grade level.

The idea is not to have a race to keep up with public school, but to gain a solid  understanding of math for life.

Here's Lisa's comment. Her daughter still has some more catching up to do, but she's progressing at a good pace!


I just have to thank you for your wonderful math program. I emailed you late last summer about my 6th grade daughter who was terribly behind in math. You suggested I start her back in the grade 1 book to give her a fresh and solid start. I did and she has done great! She has completed both first grade books, both second grade books and has now started the multiplication "theme" books (I decided to just do multiplication because most of the other things in the 3rd grade book she already knows). I can't believe she's flown through 2 grade levels and is starting a third in less than one school year. She still does not love math, but she is doing well and has built some confidence. Your method for learning multiplication tables is terrific. She's learned 2, 4, 3, 5, 10, 11 in about 3 weeks!

I love that you focus, not just on learning the facts, but on understanding the concepts. Not just "this works", but "this is why this works". Many programs don't do that; it's just rote memorization which is partly why Grace got so behind. She never understood why she was carrying (for instance), she just did it. Now that it makes sense, it's really sticking with her.

I'm using your program with my other younger children, too, and am just as happy. Also, it's so easy for me to use. Almost no prep time and free worksheets when they need a little extra help or some review!

Thank you again and again for your wonderful program!


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