A note about Math Mammoth UPDATES

Now that all 6 grades of the Light Blue series have been revised, past customers can get a free update!

Those of you who have purchased the complete Light Blue series in the past at Kagi store or Educents:

- I have emailed you about the update. You can download the revised version using the info in the email.

Of course, some emails bounced back to me because the email address was outdated so if you suspect that, contact me directly.

Those who have purchased at Currclick:

- simply log in to your account at Currclick and download it from there (in your past purchases section).

Those who purchased at Homeschool Buyers Co-op:

- the co-op has published the update info in your co-op account.

If you purchased the Light Blue series "piecemeal" at Kagi, and not as one single bundle, then you haven't been emailed. You can still get the update but you need to contact me directly.


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