For gifted students - Elements of Mathematics: Foundations

For gifted/talented students!

I got a note about a limited time offer for the Elements of Mathematics: Foundations course by IMACS: you can get 25% off if you order all 5 available courses before the end of January.

You can also purchase the five courses separately. They are:

Operational Systems
This course covers modular arithmetic using secret codes and online games.

The Integers
This course introduces positive and negative integers with an unusual elevator and mysteriously disappearing nuts.

Sets, Subsets and Set Operations
This course introduces the building blocks of set theory, which provides the basic language in which most mathematical texts are written.

Ordered n-Tuples
...interactive features such as taxi driver navigation and the rock-paper-scissors game give context to the properties of Cartesian product sets.

Students explore various types of mappings, including permutations, with interactive ball sorters, slide rules and clever animations.

These are online self-study courses aimed at talented middle and high school students. Once the series of courses are completed (right now only 5 are available), they allow the talented student to complete all of middle and high school mathematics with the exception of calculus.

Learn more at

Whether you're interested in the course or not, you might enjoy seeing the free sample content -- it has many interactive features and games:


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