7 reasons for math anxiety


I pretty much rewrote an old article of mine that lists some of the major factors that contribute to math anxiety in students and gives helpful ideas for teachers to motivate children.

This is how it starts:

  1. A major factor in the development of math anxiety and dislike towards math in students is the way the teachers feel about math. It is well known that good teachers love the subject they are teaching. On the other hand, if the teacher feels negative towards math, it probably shows up when in his or her teaching and affects the students similarly.

    So one very important factor in motivating children to study math is that you as the teacher stay positive about math – if possible, enthusiastic! Now, that may be hard if you feel differently. As an adult, you can analyze your past experiences, beliefs, and feelings, and work consciously to change those.

    If you really hate math, you can also explain to your child (if she's older) how you feel, where and how it originated (probably experiences in your own schooling), and how you are trying hard to change that. That might help her then not to adopt all your emotions.

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