Kindergarten math placement test?

Someone asked me a question about kindergarten math

Hello! Is there a placement test to see if a child is ready for 1A? We went over the kindergarten review and she did well with that, but I'd hate for her to get started and then discouraged. Is there a kindergarten curriculum that you'd recommend? My goal has been to not do anything formal for kindergarten math, but she wants it and is ready. Thanks!

That is indeed a valid concern. Sometimes children start with Math Mammoth 1-A and there's one topic there that can become a frustration point if the child is not ready for it. It's the topic of "missing items" or missing numbers in addition problems, such as

2 + ___ = 5

The idea is to ask the child to think, "2 and how many more makes 5?"

Or even simpler:

2 + ___ = 3

"2 and how many more makes 3?"

Objects can also be used.

This lesson, "Missing Items," is fairly early in 1-A. You can start with MM 1-A, and if this particular lesson presents problems for your child, then the child is not ready for 1st grade math and should continue studying kindergarten-level math for a little longer.

For a kindergarten math workbook, I'd like to recommend Evan Moore's workbook or Singapore Math's kindergarten curriculum if you want something substantial.

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