Number sense

A short video on NUMBER SENSE - the ability to work flexibly with numbers.

We want to encourage this with our children! The example she uses is a multiplication problem, but developing number sense starts earlier, with addition. For example, you can encourage your students/children to solve 8 + 9 using several different strategies, such as:

- 9-trick: The nine wants to become ten, so it takes one from the eight. Thinking this way, 8 + 9 becomes 7 + 10 which is an easier problem.

- doubles: 8 + 9 is really close to 8 + 8. If the child remembers that 8 + 8 = 16, then 8 + 9 is just one more.

- Similarly, 8 + 9 is just one less than 9 + 9.

The same type of strategies can then be used in solving more complex addition problems. But the most important thing in this is that number sense has been proven to predict a student's success in algebra.

Check out Jo's video here.


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