Is it OK to let a child use a 100-chart for math facts?

I recently got a question concerning a 3rd grader who has always had difficulty with number memorization and counts on her fingers. Mom is planning to start Math Mammoth grade 2 with her.

Her question is, "Is it okay to let her use a 100 chart while going through the program and completing the assignments? We will also continue to practice math facts with flash cards, etc."

I would say that using a 100-chart for a crutch is okay for children who have learning disabilities, and in situations where different methods to learn the math facts have been tried for years with no avail.

However, before resigning to that, I feel one should teach the child STRATEGIES and PATTERNS for addition and subtraction facts. Flash cards are based on rote memorization, which is the hardest way to memorize anything. It's much easier on children once they can see math facts in a CONTEXT, and once they have learned various strategies for addition and subtraction (also called number sense).

I do advocate memorization of math facts, but there's a balance. Number sense is even MORE important.

I'll refer you to these pages/videos for more.

Patterns and a context for addition & subtraction facts (2 videos):

A few strategies for addition & multiplication


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