Simple addition & subtraction facts practice for 2nd grade - from my customer

One of my customers just sent this in. Her son made this neat interactive program to practice addition & subtraction facts as they're presented in Math Mammoth grade 2. This means the single-digit addition facts where the sum is more than 10, and the corresponding subtraction facts (e.g. 7 + 8, 6 + 9, 13 - 5, 16 - 7 etc).

Check it out!

Carnival time!

Math Teachers at Play blog carnival 118 is online at Math Mama Writes. Check it out!

What is Math Teachers at Play carnival? It's a "smorgasbord" of ideas related to teaching math. This time you will find topics such as

- forgetting what they have learned
- thoughts on the card game War
- counting with dice
- origami workshop
- Venn diagram puzzle
- and more!


Free math apps - virtual manipulatives

Check out this nice collection of free math apps that work as virtual manipulatives/illustrative tools for most of your elementary math.

You'll find fractions, number lines (including for fractions & negative numbers), geoboard, money pieces, place value apps, number frames/number rack (for number sense/mental math), and pattern shapes. ☺

Summer math resources

It's summer (here at the Northern hemisphere), and I've put together for you a LIST of wonderful SUMMER MATH resources:

Summer math — 7 wonderful ideas and resource lists

Check it out! There are games, online games, math practice websites, puzzle/problem ideas, contests, and so on!

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Thoughts on testing

Sometimes people have asked me about using TESTS with Math Mammoth curriculum -- whether to use them or not.

Well, basically it's up to you. I have provided chapter tests as a tool for those who want to use them, but I don't feel they are compulsory or "required" as such. It all comes down to whether you can use the tests to increase student learning.

So often, tests are administered and grade given, and that's it; the test is forgotten. But there's some real "gold" -- some real value -- you can dig out from tests, and that "gold" is in the mistakes your student makes. The test can point out or manifest the student's weaknesses.

So what? you might wonder. Well, once you AND the STUDENT know about those weaknesses, you can work together to help the student MASTER the material. If there was a mistake in test item #5, then let's practice that topic some more!

One "trick" to help you with this goal is to let students either R…