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Yummy Math - real-life math activities

Featuring... Yummy Math We provide teachers and students with mathematics relevant to our world today … Yummy Math is actually a fantastic website. It has real-life math activities (as PDF and Doc files) that are free . The solutions, however, are only available to subscribers. Recent topics include Starbucks, light bulbs, NFL,  the U.S. Open, Labor Day, hurricanes, earthquakes, cheesy goldfish, going back to school, the hot summer, cost of diapers, or even the rescue of Chilean miners , etc. etc. You can find real-world math activities that relate to social studies, earth science, food, entertainment, sports, holidays etc. I really like this site. The activities are well-planned and so varied!

Perennial Math - math competition

Perennial Math is a new mathematics competition for students in grades 4-8. I thought some of you would be interested in it! What follows is their information that I have copied. Your students can participate at either a team level or individual student level by registering on . Don't worry if you cannot access the internet, you can always print and administer the tests to log in your students' scores later. The competition consists of 5 tests each year (November-March). Each test contains 5 questions that get progressively harder. The tests must be completed in 30 minutes. All students receive a certificate of participation and your team winner will receive a gold medal. Additional awards include plaques for teams who score in the top 10% and dog tags for each student who scores in the top 10% at each grade level. Students who get a perfect score on the test-and exceptional teams can have their name scrolling on our wall of fame.

Math in the real world

I've put together a page of web resources about math in the real world . These include a website with movies that show how algebra is used in real life, a site with multimedia explorations, information about careers that require mathematics, sites with activity worksheets with real-life data, and some articles. Enjoy!

Math Mammoth for school teachers

Hello! This is a special offer I'm extending to school teachers, all around the world! This is your chance to get Math Mammoth downloadable books for free , in exchange for making a PRESENTATION. Here's how this thing works: Contact me and I will send you Math Mammoth materials on a certain topic, such as basic addition or division facts or fraction addition, etc. Nearly any topic in grades 1-7. Document (photos and/or videos) your class using the materials, and write up a "report" or a presentation, showcasing what you did, how the students liked it, and so on. It could be of a single teaching session, or it could cover a longer period of time. You could include student responses & comments, an example lesson plan, etc. Be creative... Send me your presentation.  I'll look it over. Depending on the quality and extent of your presentation, you'll then get MORE materials -- several books, or the whole Light Blue Series download, or the All Inc

Math Teachers at Play

Go on to enjoy the latest Math Teachers at Play blog carnival! Bon has created quite a funny "love" story about two people who have a kid... and all the math is somewhere in between!


I will be giving away FIVE copies of UberSmart Math Facts software to five lucky winners! At the same time... if you don't win, David from UberSmart Software is graciously offering a BIG 40% DISCOUNT on his math facts software! The normal price is $24.95, but you can get it now for $14.97. Click this link to take advantage of this discount . You can also read my review . And to boot, I will add to the giveaway THREE copies of Math Mammoth Blue Series CD (or download, if you prefer). Value: $100. This giveaway is now closed. As usual, I got over 160 responders super quick. The 40% off discount is still valid though!   This giveaway is open to everybody, no matter where you live on this planet. The giveaway runs till I have at least 160 participants. This will give you a 1 in 20 chance of winning. I will then choose the eight winners using the random number generator at

Fun and practice with Roman Numerals

Someone asked me recently whether I include Roman Numerals in Math Mammoth. Yes, I do... they are in the 3rd grade materials, but the section is not extensive. For some extra fun, learning, and practice with them, check out these web resources: Roman Numeras Tutorial Good explanations of how numbers are formed using Roman Numerals, such as when to "add" or "subtract" the symbols. The page allows interactivity where the student can self-check his/her understanding. Roman Matching Game Drag the Roman numerals to the corresponding Arabic numerals. If you win the next game will be faster. See if you can beat the clock! Roman Numerals Worksheets Generate worksheets for converting Roman numerals to normal (Arabic) ones, or normal numbers to Roman numerals, or do easy addition and subtraction problems with Roman numerals. Roman Numerals Dot-to-Dots Some dot-to-dot worksheets with animal themes that use Roman Numerals. Roman Numerals - Wikipedia An

Times Tales DVD giveaway

Folks at Triggery Memory Systems are generously offering THREE copies of their new Times Tales DVD program for me to give away (for free!). Everyone is welcome to participate, no matter where you live on this planet. Shipping outside US will be by USPS First Class Mail. This Giveaway is now closed!  The winners are: Wes Ryan, Virginia, Eileen Flater, Iowa, and Erica Potter, Ohio. Congratulations! Winners are chosen randomly using the random number generator at The giveaway will run UNTIL I have at least 150 responses, or till September 12, whichever comes first. What is Times Tales? Times Tales is a mnemonic-based program for learning multiplication and division tables. It uses simple stories to provide students with a "memory peg", allowing them to quickly recall the facts.