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An easy lesson on square roots

I've posted on my site a beginner video lesson on square roots . You can also watch it below: Finding a square root of a number is like finding the side of a square when the area is known. Square root symbol acts as a grouping symbol: anything under it is in parentheses and is solved first. I also solve a few problems involving area & perimeter of squares. I hope it's helpful!

Puzzle corner was too easy!

One of my customers mentioned that this particular puzzle corner from Math Mammoth Grade 1-A was too easy for her son: I admit, it's kind of easy. But, like I told her, I'm sure some children enjoy having an easier puzzle corner in between the others because several people have mentioned they are challenging to their children. But, you can make it more challenging very easily: simply add a number to each equation... and possibly also make (some of) the numbers bigger. Check the examples at :)

Ratios & Proportions book has been updated!

Math Mammoth Ratios, Proportions & Problem Solving is a worktext that concentrates, first of all, on two important concepts: ratios and proportions, and then on problem solving. It is meant for grades 6-7. This book has been now updated to include many new lessons that will ALSO be in the upcoming Math Mammoth grade 7-B. This means that you can use it to continue pre-algebra studies after finishing 7-A. See free samples and more info: For now, I've kept the download price at $5.00 though the book became quite a bit longer.