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Why am I aligning Math Mammoth to Common Core Standards

Someone recently was wondering if perhaps aligning Math Mammoth curriculum to Common Core standards wasn't a good idea, or at least wasn't going to help them any, because they have found value in curricula outside of American ones. So why am I doing that? I have known of Common Core standards for a few years, but in December 2011 I noticed that nearly all states were or are going to implement them. So, they are in essence providing a framework for a national curriculum in mathematics. So, I decided to consider them, and to take a closer look at the standards. And I realized that Common Core standards aren't that "bad." They are NOT like most state standards have been, "inch deep and mile wide," with tons of topics per grade. These are "core" standards, meaning there aren't a huge amount of them per grade. So it's a BIG improvement over many of the states' standards. I also noticed that some of the "core" sta

Math Mammoth May sale!

A traditional sale for the end of the school year... From May 20, 2012, till June 3, get 20% off of all Math Mammoth downloads and CDs at Kagi store. Use the coupon code MAYSALE. You can go to first, then find the links to Kagi's order pages. OR, use these direct links: Light Blue series (complete curriculum) Blue series Golden and Green Series Make It Real Learning workbooks Bundles (CDs or downloads) Enjoy! Maria Miller --

Math word (story) problems

Have you ever used this neat way of teaching math word problems to elementary grade students? Let them be like stories, and let the child create some too! Denise explores this idea in her recent post: Tell Me a (Math) Story Worth checking out!

Mother's day freebies & more

Aurora from Supercharged Science  is again giving away a great free gift! She has one of the top homeschool science curricula out there, and this is a free selection of activities and experiments from her summer e-Camp program. You're going to get actual sections of e-Camp, complete with all the explanations, step-by-step videos, and lots more. And yet more... Currclick is giving away several Mother's Day freebies , one of which is my book Math Mammoth Place Value 2. So, here's your chance to get one of my books completely free. Enjoy! Maria