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The last day of sale!

Get 30% off of ALL Math Mammoth and Make It Real Learning materials -- as downloads or CDs. Use the coupon code MAYSALE . Visit now -- or see more details here .

Kids Math TV games

Math GAMES are an excellent way to help kids retain what they've learned. Try some games from KidsMathTV for a little fun review this summer. They have a bunch of games from kindergarten through 7th grade! Personally, I feel my oldest can use review of pre-algebra concepts, such as equations and percentages, which are included on their page for 7th grade games.

Do you have a "math gene"?

The clip lets you see just a glimpse of how damaging that myth can be... ...but there is great hope! As soon as students, teachers, and parents start believing that EVERYONE can learn grade-school math, students start gaining— and even get excited about math! The clip is from an upcoming new movie American Math Crisis by Vicki Abeles, who has also made the feature documentary Race to Nowhere .

Math Mammoth Review Workbooks - discounted!

Not only can you get Math Mammoth review workbooks (great for summer math) at 30% discount as downloads ( at Kagi ; use coupon MAY2014 )... ...but you can also get them as PRINTED VERSIONS, at 20% off at Lulu . BOTH deals last till May 31. Review workbooks (printed) at 20% off > Before purchasing, you can learn more about the workbooks and download samples at my site . You will find links to Kagi and Lulu storefronts there, as well.

Math Mammoth May sale is here!

From now till May 31, get all Math Mammoth & Make It Real Learning downloads and CDs for 30% off! The sale lasts till May 31, 2014. Use coupon code MAY2014 at Kagi store. You will find links to order pages at Kagi all around site — they are located under each book's cover image. Visit > Or, if you are ready to order, use these direct links to the order pages: Order Light Blue series Order Blue series Order Golden and Green Series Order Make It Real Learning activity workbooks Order Bundles (CDs or downloads) Order Review workbooks Which book to buy? To learn about the different Math Mammoth books (including free samples), check out: Blue Series -- topical worktexts with instruction Light Blue Series -- complete curriculum Make It Real Learning -- how math is used in real life Review Workbooks -- both topical and mixed review worksheets for grades 1-6. Great for summer math! Golden Series -- wor

How to Learn Math - student course

Last year, I took a free online course by professor Jo Boaler titled How to Learn Math . I loved the course. I learned about the value of mistakes , brain growth, number talks and number sense, and other VERY refreshing and thought-provoking topics. Now she is offering a student version of the course, and once again it is free. The different concepts covered are: Knocking Down the Myths About Math Math and Mindset Mistakes and Speed Number Flexibility, Mathematical Reasoning, and Connections Number Patterns and Representations Math in Life, Nature and Work Read a detailed description and register at How to Learn Math: Student Course Since I loved the similar course for teachers last year, I am SURE this course is very beneficial to students!

Geometric VANISH puzzle

Look at what happens here, when the pieces are rearranged! One square disappears. How can that be? Find the answer and a video with another, even MORE intriguing vanishing puzzle here: Geometric vanishes Hint: The solution has to do with Fibonacci numbers!