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A neat lesson plan on making a budget

I found a lesson on BUDGETING that some of you might like (PDF file). In it, the student makes a budget in a spreadsheet program (such as Excel) for a girl going to college. First, a simple budget is made, but then it needs refined and amended because of additional expenses. The lesson takes the concept of making a budget step-by-step in a neat way, I feel. :)

An ancient story revisited

I think many of you will be interested in this video story! It is an ancient story that was originally told almost 2000 years ago... Since that time, and even in today's modern world, many people have used the basic theme of that story as a basis for their own stories. It is presented in a fascinating multi-media presentation form. Click the picture above to view the video!

It's Pi Day 2016!

To celebrate... check out my earlier blogpost on Pi Day; I just updated it. Pi Day


Here's a video about INFINITY... did you know there are actually infinities of DIFFERENT SIZES? I know it sounds mind-boggling, and in a sense, it is... but perhaps it's good for our minds to be "boggled" sometimes! :)  The video itself is nice and easy to follow though, so don't feel scared. :)