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Math Mammoth Light Blue series - overview - video

Watch this video to learn the basics of Math Mammoth Light Blue Series - the complete curriculum. You'll learn about what is offered, mastery versus spiral, what kind of review the curriculum supplies, and where to get started .

Tiling with pentagons - math news

Here's a well-written article (and easy to read even for laypeople) about a century-old math problem that has finally been solved. It has to do with tiling the plane with PENTAGONS . In a nutshell, there are ONLY 5 families of convex pentagons that tile the plane. The situation is altogether different, and much easier, for rectangles, triangles, and quadrilaterals. The article explores and explains these concepts in an easy-to-follow manner and with wonderful graphics. Tilings are something easy to understand, yet when it came to pentagons, the situation turned to be very complex. This second link shows an image of the 15 families of pentagons that tile the plane .

2018 DIY desk calendar

Here's a little gift for you! A printable DYI 2018 desk calendar with fun activities for children to complete. The activities are taken from my daughter Abby's website at Children's Best Activities :) Download the calendar here: This calendar has been produced in collaboration with the Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Missing numbers in addition

Several people have asked me about this... what to do when a 1st grader is struggling to grasp the concept of missing numbers in addition problems, such as 3 + ___ = 8. I wrote the solution and posted it on my site... what to do when a child has a hard time finding the missing addends?