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Thoughts on testing

Sometimes people have asked me about using TESTS with Math Mammoth curriculum -- whether to use them or not. Well, basically it's up to you. I have provided chapter tests as a tool for those who want to use them, but I don't feel they are compulsory or "required" as such. It all comes down to whether you can use the tests to increase student learning. So often, tests are administered and grade given, and that's it; the test is forgotten. But there's some real "gold" -- some real value -- you can dig out from tests, and that "gold" is in the mistakes your student makes. The test can point out or manifest the student's weaknesses. So what? you might wonder. Well, once you AND the STUDENT know about those weaknesses, you can work together to help the student MASTER the material. If there was a mistake in test item #5, then let's practice that topic some more! One "trick" to help you with this goal is to let students

Placement into Math Mammoth - so important

I know it's time when many families are choosing curriculum for the next school year, and I also know how important it is for people to use PLACEMENT TESTS prior to starting Math Mammoth. So here it is, finally (I do wish I had gotten this video done a bit sooner!) ...  some basic principles about how to use Math Mammoth placement tests, in video format. (And, these tests also work as generic math assessment tests -- you can use them even if you don't use Math Mammoth.) Brief summary: - Choose a test you THINK your student will pass. - 80% is a passing score; students scoring 50-79% probably just need to study the areas where they have gaps - Based on the results, you may need to administer the next lower or higher level test also... or in some cases, even three tests... to get a good grasp of what your student knows and doesn't know. - If a student does well overall, except in one particular area (such as geometry), consider administering parts of the low

Math Mammoth May 2018 sale now live!

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Spiral review workbook for Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth Grade 4 Skills Review Workbook is now available! This workbook is supplemental, and provides additional practice for the topics in the main curriculum ( Math Mammoth grade 4 ). It is currently available as a digital version, and later on as a printed book. The workbooks for other grades available thus far are grade 1 , grade 2 , and grade 3 (we're working on 5th!).