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Math Mammoth in French, too

It's a work in process, but recently I've had my Blue Series math books translated into French. First one is available to purchase as of today, at HomeschoolEstore: Mammouth Mathématiques Addition 1 and more will be coming soon. If you know how or where, please spread the word to Canadian homeschoolers who might be interested — I really don't know how to reach/find them myself.

Math enrichment problems at MathNotations

Today I want to highlight a blog called Math Notations by Dave Marain that specializes in math enrichment problems such as various type challenges and investigations. And they are quite good! For example, recently Dave posted a geometry problem , and even gave the answer in his post, but he asked the readers to find DIFFERENT ways to solve the problem. I encourage you to go see the problem and see how many different ways you can find to solve it! That is exactly what we can ask students too - especially if you have many students and some of them solve the original problem in no time. You can use the same problem as a basis for further investigations for them. His blog has "labels" in the sidebar, which makes it easy to find problems on a particular topic or concept.

Review of Carnegie Learning's Cognitive Tutor Algebra 1

I've written one more review... This time it is about Carnegie Learning's Cognitive Tutor Algebra 1 curriculum. Carnegie Learning's Algebra 1 curriculum is a unique algebra curriculum — unlike anything I've seen before. It is sure to appeal to some of you homeschoolers. I liked it quite a bit. The curriculum consists of two parts: textbook and software. The software component is called Cognitive Tutor. It provides the student intelligent computerized practice with everything in Algebra 1 curriculum. The textbook also is somewhat different from your standard textbooks in the fact that often the whole lesson can be based on an exploration or investigation. Read more here - you will also see screenshots and sample pages, pricing, an even a discount coupon code.

HomeschoolEstore name competition

HomeschoolEstore (homeschool - e - store) has launched a competition for a new name. They say people misspell it and just don't "get" the current name easily. It is a store selling electronic downloadable products only, and often has new books, unit studies, etc. available. I have my books there too. There are several prizes, so if you feel like getting creative, read the contest rules here .

Homeschool Wisdom: 40 Tried and True Tips

From Sprittibee: "I have gathered up a few morsels of advice from many different sources. Probably half of these originated with someone other than me... but they are all true... and all of them need repeating (especially to those who might not have heard them before)." Read the 40 pieces of homeschool wisdom - I enjoyed them, you might too!

A question on MathScore

Hi Maria - I am really enjoying your workbooks for the kids - I can't wait to get going on fractions. I wanted to ask you do you see value in any of the online math practice programs for drill? I saw that HS Buyers Co-op is offering - at a discount and we are trying it out on trial - It's just pretty much basic drill for speed and accuracy. I don't want to waste the $$ on it - if that is not really important to math. Thanks for any feedback. I've personally visited and even reviewed Mathscore. Mathscore is not just about basic drill on addition or multiplication - they have basic word problems, geometry, etc. as well. It is more like a math practice system for any kind of basic problems. Kids do need to learn their facts by memory. So "drill" is not bad in itself. Obviously math instruction should not be only drill. You should just balance it all. Teach concepts, teach why something works, let them practice, and help them master their fac

Math Mammoth Algebra 1 worksheets

News that some of you have been waiting for! I've completed the Math Mammoth Algebra 1-A and 1-B worksheets collections. These worksheets cover all the topics in a typical algebra 1 course. Problems are again very varied. The collection is designed to be used by teachers and tutors. It is not a text that explains algebra — it is a collection of worksheets or a workbook. But if you already have a textbook, the worksheets can supplement and provide extra practice, no matter what algebra program you're using. Prices: Algebra 1-A is $6.50, 1-B is $5.50, answer keys $2 each. You can get both A and B plus their answer keys for $11.50. Here are links to the sample worksheets: 1-A Contents Variables and Expressions Writing Equations Rules With Subtraction Ratios and Proportions Explore Graphs of Linear Equations Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Compound Inequalities Involving 'And' Solving Linear Systems by Elimination 1-B Contents Multiplying Powers Special Products Solving


I just found out about this site yesterday, and it might be worth your while knowing about it, too. has free online multimedia lessons for high school and college level. The topics include algebra, introductory and intermediate calculus, physics, history, biology, and a few other subjects as well. This whole project is supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and is free to use for general public. I've seen several similar commercial services, so was surprised to see one that's free. It takes a lot of effort to make these interactive lessons, I would think. Anyway, enjoy if it's your algebra or calculus time in math.