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Problem solving videos--bar/block model

These videos show you examples of how to use the bar or block model in solving math word problems. The examples are all about 5th grade level. Enjoy! I hope they are of help! First I solve the following word problem using a bar model (Singapore math style), taken from Math Mammoth grade 5 curriculum : Brenda and Lily shared the cost of a $11.70 lunch so that Brenda paid two times as much as Lily. Find their shares. Next problem is this: One rake is $5.60 more than the other, and together they cost $22.70. How much does the cheaper rake cost? And lastly, John spent 3/10 of his money, and had $45.57 left. How much did he have initially?

Order of operations and "bubbles"

Or you could call it a "cloud" or "balloon", instead of a "bubble". Anyhow, the idea is simple: in a given math problem with many operations, have the child encircle in a bubble/cloud/balloon the operation to be done first. He/she can use colored pencils or crayons for more fun. I just had this idea when my 2nd daughter was studying order of operations in addition and subtraction... that is, problems with many additions and subtractions, including parenthesis, things like 100 + 20 − (50 + 10) or 20 − 8 − 6    vs.   20 − (8 − 6) (Those are found in Math Mammoth grade 3 curriculum .) So what we did was write some of the problems from the book on the whiteboard and she "bubbled" or drew bubbles around the operation to be done first. Well, her bubbles look like ovals, but she was thinking of them as bubbles--and that made it fun for her! Click to enlarge Then we did another fun thing, which is that she made me a difficult math pro

Math Teachers at Play carnival #39

The carnival is posted at Denise's blog... she's illustrated it beautifully with pictures and witty math jokes.. and lots to read and enjoy. Head on over!

Currclick back-to-the-beach freebies

Currclick has a fun scavenger hunt going on again. You look for eight hidden sea creatures somewhere on the site to discover eight freebies. Then they also have lots of items on 40% off!

Beth's bookshelf

A new blog I just found about children's books that teach math concepts, and she's having a giveaway of a fraction book RIGHT NOW! Hurry! Beth's Bookshelf Her blog looks neat! Last week's postings all have to do with fractions and what kind of children's books can be used to teach fractions. Thumbs up, Beth!