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Thanksgiving is upon us soon...

When preparing for Thanksgiving with children, check out this Thanksgiving Activity Pack put together by my two daughters, Hannah and Abby :) This Activity Pack includes color-by-number worksheets, coloring pages, copy-the-picture worksheets, dot-to-dots, find the correct path activities, find the wrong picture worksheets, matching activities, coded riddles, find the twins worksheets, mazes, secret codes, and a trace the dot worksheet. It suits best children from preschool level to about 5th grade.

Math Mammoth Thanksgiving SALE

  The traditional Math Mammoth Thanksgiving SALE is here! Get 30% off of all Math Mammoth & Make It Real Learning products sold at Kagi (downloads and CDs). Follow the links to Kagi's order pages from the product pages on this site, and use coupon code THANKSGIVING . The offer is valid till December 2, 2015. :)

Review lesson for 6th grade: fractions and decimals

In this video lesson of mine, we review how to write decimals as fractions, what to do when an addition or subtraction contains BOTH fractions and decimals, and how to place decimals & fractions on a number line. The lesson suits best 6th grade math but is of course useful for other students (BIG or SMALL) too. The 2nd part of this lesson has to do with a word problem concerning unit prices and a "bonus" problem of converting the fraction 1/7 into a decimal. Hope they are of help! :)