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Carnival time again

Amidst all the shopping frenzy, hopefully you have time to stop by at Math Teachers at Play carnival - it is a small carnival this time, but enjoyable and with a nice variety of posts for all grade levels.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I feel we all can find lots of things to be thankful for... to start with, just to have LIFE is something to be thankful for. But, there are multitudes of other things, as well! I'm sure you can think of those yourself! I'm thankful... for example, to sleep in a warm bed, to see stars at night, for my family, and food (for starters). To celebrate, I want to feature a Thanksgiving activity book that my girls made. You can purchase it at Currclick for $1.95. But, you can also access the Thanksgiving themed activities on this page ! Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Math Mammoth Thanksgiving sale!

Thanksgiving is coming up on November 28, so you can get 28% off of all Math Mammoth and Make It Real Learning downloads 'n' CDs at Kagi. Use the coupon code THANKS at Kagi store. The sale starts TODAY, November 17, and runs till Monday, December 2, 2013. You can either go to first, then find the links to Kagi's order pages there. Or, you can use these direct links to the order pages: Light Blue series (complete curriculum) Blue series Golden and Green Series Make It Real Learning activity workbooks Bundles (CDs or downloads) Review workbooks -

Math Mammoth is on Facebook

You might say I am behind times... and I am! I'm just now trying to get a Math Mammoth page started on Facebook . So, if you can spare a moment, give me a like : )

The value of mistakes

I have written a new article: Growth mindset and the value of mistakes in math learning In a nutshell, I first explain what is brain plasticity -- the huge potential for our brains to grow -- and then what it means for learning of math: EVERY student CAN learn math. Students need to have a growth mindset where they value mistakes and see them as opportunities for brain growth and learning.