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New Math Mammoth books: Clock, Money, and Measuring

Finally the time has come, and I can announce that there are THREE new books for my Math Mammoth Blue Series: Math Mammoth Clock - about telling time, for grades 1-3. Price: $3.50. Math Mammoth Money - counting coins, making change, simple money problems. For grades 1-3. Price: $3. Math Mammoth Measuring - getting familiar with common measuring units for length, weight, and volume. Includes lots of hands-on problems. Mostly for grades 2 and 3. Price: $4. As usual you can find some sample pages, table of contents, and more info on each book's web page. The Blue Series and the All Inclusive packages have been updated, accordingly.

Reflecting back - planning ahead

You might or might not be taking a break from school for summer. I know one family where the child does schoolwork 3 weeks, then is 1 week off, all year long. But many follow loosely the typical school year and will soon be off school for a while. And this break time is a good time to reflect back on the past school year, past instruction, and also to plan ahead. You know, I always encourage parents and teachers to see math instruction as a set of concepts, skills, and topics that you wish your student to master before some set point in time, instead of seeing it as "a book for this grade" or "these pages". You might still use a book or books, but study the book so you know which are the main topics in the book. The "set point in time" does not have to be the end of a school year, either. Of course many homeschoolers realize this. So what kind of concepts have your student or students studied this past year? Which ones are mastered? Which ones still need m

Summer school program

I was sent this link about an online summer program for kids who're entering 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade next fall. It uses daily interactive worksheets that you can also print out, if desired. Right now the registration is FREE. The program starts on 11th of June. See more at Stay Ahead! - Interactive Online summer math program.

An island of rationality in the insanity of math wars

That is the description of a new blog called Rational Mathematics Education , by Michael Paul Goldenberg. I mention it for the sake of those of you who are interested in the trends in mathematics education, and the "math wards" between the traditional and the reform. "The 'Net is flooded with videos, blogs, and what I view as hate lists and web sites all attacking progressive reform methods, tools, technologies, pedagogies and, most especially, text books in mathematics (although the onslaught against progressive science education is on its way, and the current focus on mathematics education reform was preceded by the still on-going war against "whole language" and related ideas in literacy education. This blog has been created to provide direct replies to entries on other blogs where the blogger invites feedback but refuses to post negative responses, critical comments, uncomfortable questions, etc., of ANY kind, regardless of how polite they may be. What

Statistics worksheets

After some delay the Statistics Worksheets Collcetion from the Math Mammoth Green Series is now available. It is priced at $4 for 47 worksheets. The sheets span about five grade levels (from grade 3 to 7); however the majority are for grades 5-7. In this collection, the worksheets are organized by topic (see table of contents ). Within each topic, the difficulty level varies because the sheets have originally been made for different grade levels. Thus the teacher can choose a sheet of right difficulty level, or even assign some students easier sheets and some students more challenging ones, on the same topic. Math Mammoth Statistics Worksheets Collection covers bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs - both reading and drawing them - data analysis, mean, median, and mode, box-and-whisker plots, stem-and-leaf plots, measures of variation, misleading statistics, data gathering, and a few statistics projects. I hope the problems will fit your needs!