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Free math apps - virtual manipulatives

Check out this nice collection of free math apps that work as virtual manipulatives /illustrative tools for most of your elementary math. You'll find fractions, number lines (including for fractions & negative numbers), geoboard, money pieces, place value apps, number frames/number rack (for number sense/mental math), and pattern shapes. ☺

Summer math resources

It's summer (here at the Northern hemisphere), and I've put together for you a LIST of wonderful SUMMER MATH resources: Summer math — 7 wonderful ideas and resource lists Check it out! There are games, online games, math practice websites, puzzle/problem ideas, contests, and so on! If you like the article , let your friends know about it too! All the best, Maria

Math Mammoth giveaway

Here's your chance to win Math Mammoth Light Blue Series curriculum! There will be FIVE winners. One will get the grand prize, a bundle of all seven grades, and FOUR winners will get ONE grade level (winner's choice). Win Math Mammoth books! EVERYONE who enters will get ONE free ebook! The giveaway runs till midnight of Thursday, June 7. All prizes are digital downloads. Refer your friends (USING THE WIDGET) for extra entries!