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A free math course for talented middle school students

The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) is offering a a series of online math courses for gifted/talented students titled Elements of Mathematics: Foundations . The first of these, Operational Systems, will be FREE if you enroll before January 1, 2013! What is it about? Operational Systems course covers modular arithmetic using secret codes and online games. Learn about operational systems and their properties (commutativity, associativity, neutral elements, invertibility) by building interactive machines and evaluating non-numeric operations. Get a solid introduction to the concepts of least common multiple and greatest common divisor, as well as to the geometric notions of midpoint and reflection.  It is a self-study online course, where suitably talented students are able to work independently and at their own pace while still developing a deep understanding of the material. Elements of Mathema

Math Mammoth Grade 4 aligned to the Common Core Standards

So, Math Mammoth Grade 4 is now aligned to the Common Core Standards. I will mention here some of the main changes as compared to the previous edition. The main changes in the revised edition of Grade 4 are that some topics were taken off and moved to 5th grade, and several topics were added in. Again, this is all due to the CCS. Other than that, the basic framework and conceptual development did not change substantially. Of course, I edited the lessons to make them better, added more space or grids for calculations, etc. so there were many cosmetic changes. Topics moving to 5th grade: Numbers beyond 1,000,000 multiplying a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number 2-digit divisor in long division multiplying decimals by whole numbers circles volume In measuring, the problems about conversions between units are easier, and the more challenging conversions will be in 5th grade. Topics added that weren't in 4th grade before: divisibility prime numbers finding factor

Worksheets for grades 1, 2, 3, and 4

I have revised the popular worksheet-making pages for grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 on my free math site so that they now follow Common Core standards fairly closely. I also added handy "jump to" links to the different sections. And, I added NEW worksheets about order of operations, equivalent fraction worksheets with pie models, comparing fractions worksheets with pie models, and a few others. Each page listed below contains LONG list of links that each allow you to make a worksheet for a topic... and the worksheet is different each time you make it (generated on the fly). Free math worksheets for grade 1 Free math worksheets for grade 2 Free math worksheets for grade 3 Free math worksheets for grade 4 These pages are a work in progress; I have plans for several new worksheet generators to be made and added to my site. Enjoy! Tens of thousands of other people already do.

The American Math Challenge 2012

Registrations are now open for this yearly, free event, at Practice for all students starts MONDAY October 8th. The actual COMPETITION EVENT is on October 16-17th, 2012. In American Math Challenge, students compete using mental math problems such as 2 x 8 or 50 - 14. I t is based on Mathletics , an online Math program. Students will be tackling adaptive curriculum-based math questions and competing against other real student peers in timed mental math showdowns---for prizes.