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Math Mammoth catalogs

Now available for downloading - catalogs for Math Mammoth products. Choose from the list below. All are PDF files. Light Blue Series Catalog (PDF download, 6.8 MB) Blue Series Catalog (PDF download, 14.4 MB) Golden and Green Series Catalog (PDF download, 4.8 MB)

Math Mammoth Grade 6-A, revised version now available

I am releasing Math Mammoth grade 6-A ahead of schedule (while 6-B is being under "construction") for those people's sakes who want to use it this school year that is starting. Download a sample file (PDF) here . You can read about the changes in the revised version here . To order it at Kagi store, go here -- and scroll down!

Free worksheets: ratio, GCF, LCM

A few more free worksheet generators I have made recently. Again... there may be some minor 'bugs' in these, and if so, please let me know. Worksheets for the greatest common factor (GCF) and the least common multiple (LCM) Worksheets for basic ratio word problems Both of these are targeted especially for 6th grade.

Math Mammoth sale extended

Math Mammoth sale has been extended till August 24! Get 25% off of ALL products sold at Kagi (downloads OR CDs). Follow the links to Kagi's order pages from site , and use coupon code AUG2013 . Or, you can use these direct links to the order pages: Light Blue series Light Blue series, South African version . Blue series Golden and Green Series Make It Real Learning activity workbooks Bundles (CDs or downloads) . Review workbooks

Find your age using chocolate math 2013

I was thinking of chocolate this morning... you know, I don't remember knowing anyone who DIDN'T like chocolate! I am one of the crowd, and LOVE it. It feel its taste is nothing short of awesome. It's superb , exquisite , fantastic ... can't find words for it. (I'm pretty sure you agree!) I've also often thought about this little fact: the main product they make of the cacao tree, cocoa solids, is extremely BITTER ! If they didn't add sugar or some other sweetener, you wouldn't eat chocolate - it would be SO bitter! You probably know that cocoa powder, too, is very yucky and bitter by itself. That is, unless they've used the "Dutch process" to remove the bitterness, but then they ALSO end up removing the special components and antioxidants that make chocolate healthy. That's not what I'm looking for though. This reminds me of the principle I've seen illustrated in "lemonade" - if life gives you lemons,

Speed of light

Speed of light Light is such a fascinating thing! When it comes to different areas of physics in science, our kids learn about mechanics, electricity, magnetism, heat (thermodynamics), and so on. Personally, I find the topic of LIGHT the most fascinating of all of these! I'm not sure why that is. Is it because of all the wo nd er fu l c ol or s , or because how the wavelengths and frequencies tie in with music, or because of the beautiful sine waves I've studied in math...? I'm left wondering. Anyhow, I know what you have read... that light always travels with the same speed — THE speed of light — but that's actually not so. Light has a different speed traveling through water, or traveling through glass, or air, or other things. What scientists mean is that the speed of light is this particular number (constant) when light travels through the big open space. Even Einstein himself... he was toying with pure ideas (they call it theoretical physics), and I&

Math Mammoth freebie: Percent

65 pages (includes answers) The PDF version of this book is enabled for annotation . Sample pages (PDF) Contents and Introduction Review What Percentage...? Percentage of a Number Discounts Percent of Change Pay What You Want at Currclick A few weeks back I read this news article about poverty in the United States. It mentioned that nowadays, 79% of the US adults (of all races) experience periods (of at least one year) of joblessness, life on welfare or near-poverty. Among US whites, this figure is 76% - almost the same. I also know about this because many have written to me how they'd like to purchase my materials, but cannot afford them. It made me sad... but please realize I'm not mentioning this article to differentiate the people of the USA. I don't feel that way at all! I know poverty exists everywhere and among all races, and at different intensities. My husband and I have lived "hand to mouth" in the past, so I know how

What kind of PRAISE should we give to our children & students?

Recently I have been studying a free, online course titled How to Learn Math by professor Jo Boaler from Standford University. It has been really GREAT - I have really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I would recommend you also take it, if you have the time! But, I am also planning to write about the things I'm learning... in order to help all of us become better teachers. The first thing - and this comes straight from NEUROSCIENCE research - is about PRAISE . The stunning result is that praising children for being SMART or intelligent HINDERS them! Instead, we should praise them (somewhat sparingly) for their effort and hard work , but NOT for being good/smart/great/intelligent. The way it works is this: when you praise a child for being smart, that child comes to BELIEVE it is smart. Then, later on, when a task or problem comes along (and it will!) where the child struggles and cannot do it easily, the child will start shying away from such tasks... for FEAR of bein

Math Mammoth sales - August 2013

Homeschool Buyers Co-op has a GROUP BUY for the large Math Mammoth and Make It Real Learning bundle products! The discount will be 20% - 50% depending on the number of participants. The sale runs till August 31, 2013. Math Mammoth August sale is here NOW as well! ALL downloads & CDs are 25% off! Use coupon code AUG2013 at Kagi store. The sale runs till Monday, August 19, 2013. You can go to first, then find the links to Kagi's order pages there. Or, you can use these direct links to the order pages: Light Blue series Light Blue series, South African version . Blue series Golden and Green Series Make It Real Learning activity workbooks Bundles (CDs or downloads) . Review workbooks

Worksheets for order of operations

I have had to concentrate a lot lately on new worksheet generators, in preparing for the release of the revised version of Math Mammoth Grade 6-A. So, yet one more... this time it is for  order of operations . This one was difficult to make, and I cannot claim it is perfect in the sense that I wish I could have spent more time on it and made it more elaborate, have more variety, more operations, more options... but there are time limits so I had to stop at some point. There are actually two generators: The first generator (grades 2-5) lets you choose from five different operations to include (the four basic operations plus exponents), choose to include parentheses or not , and choose the basic number ranges used in the different operations. You can use decimals or whole numbers. The second generator (grades 6-9) includes by default all four operations and parenthesis. You can choose to include exponents or not . This one uses fraction line for division, and thus involves