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Math Mammoth Grade 7 (pre-algebra)

Math Mammoth Grade 7 and 7-B are available now - as downloads! Printed books and a CD version will follow soon.  Check for description and samples.

Homeschooling - history and state today

Here's an interesting infographic about homeschooling - its history and its state today. Click to enlarge. :) Source:

Homeschooling With Greater Joy and Peace

This is a guest post by Alecia Baptiste. Some days homeschooling our children can be amazing.  We wake up in the morning feeling rested, excited about facing the challenges of the new day and eager to explore with our children.  On those days our children are excited about learning and cooperative.  And don't you love it when your children have those “Aha” moments?  When they finally get that math concept or they make some connection between facts or after months of struggling to read, you see them lying contently in bed reading a book. On those day we think to ourselves, “This is why I homeschool.” You feel utter bliss. Image by Steven Yeh , (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Other days, it can be a struggle.  Those are the days the kids wake up whining and complaining.  It takes them F-O-R-E-V-E-R to complete the smallest task.  Someone is in tears because of their school work (maybe it's you). One child who should be able to work i

Math Mammoth printed versions in color

Did you know? Math Mammoth grades 1-3 printed books are now available as color versions through Rainbow Resource . Currently you need to access them via their search function: search for "math mammoth color". Hopefully they'll get their own category page soon.

The best math card game ever

It's summertime, in my heart!!!!!!! And here's a GREAT math game to play in summertime - or any time, really: The game that is worth 1000 worksheets   This game adapts itself to a GREAT variety of math topics: simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, many operations, integers... Have fun!