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A five-year old GOT the connection between addition and subtraction

I just got this in from a customer... how PRECIOUS! QUOTE Lydia, who is not yet five years old, has just started the subtraction section of Math Mammoth 1A. She made an amazing discovery and wanted to tell you about it. A photo of her letter is attached, which a translation here. "Dear Math People, I found out When you do a subtraction Backwards It's adding Did you know about that? Lydia" UNQUOTE Lydia's mom also said that she feels Lydia is going to be so amazed when the workbook points this out a few pages from now!

Multiplication algorithm and lattice multiplication

This is a GOOD comparison between the standard multiplication algorithm and lattice multiplication ! The author even brings in the area model for multiplying multi-digit numbers (which I also show in Math Mammoth). The area model is of course only used to show students what is going on, based on place value -- not to replace any algorithm. QUOTE In our desire for "efficiency," we lose transparency in the standard "long multiplication" algorithm. Read it at

Math Mammoth printed books sale

Math Mammoth printed books at now at 20% off at Rainbow Resource Center! Please note that they sell TWO versions of the books: (1) Books in full color (2) Books with black-and-white inside pages BOTH have full-color covers so you cannot go by that. The full color books cost slightly more. You can mix and match if you'd like, such as by purchasing the student books in full color and the answer key and test books with black-and-white inside pages. This promotion runs till June 2, 2017.

Math Mammoth sale - May 2017

Use coupon code MAYSALE2017 to get 25% off of all Math Mammoth & Make It Real Learning downloads and CDs sold at site. 😃 This promotion is valid through Monday, May 29, 2017.

Practice math facts online with your voice

Now there's a place where you -- or your child -- can practice math facts with your VOICE! Just say the answers out loud to the computer! You do need to use Google Chrome for it to work with voice... otherwise, it does also have buttons you can push to give your answers. Youngsters might find this intriguing to try out!

A Mathematical Fable about the Pythagorean Theorem

Here's a video -- A Mathematical Fable -- that I showed to my girls recently. It ties in with the Pythagorean Theorem and is kind of interesting and funny at the same time! Enjoy!

Coloring of the multiplication tables chart

Here's a different way to look at the multiplication tables chart: COLOR IT! See more: You weren't bad at maths -- you just weren't looking at it the right way